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Culinary Tours
Asia Travel Needs has a preparing half or full day culinary tours for visitors who are interest in the local food. Whether you are an expert chef or a food lover with no kitchen skills, these tours are a fun experience sure to provide you with an enlightening day. The tours begin with a visit to the local markets where your guide will explain the ingredients on sale, how they are used, and substitutes that you can find back home in your own market. Then it's time to put on your apron and hit the kitchen! Some tours are fully hands-on, complete with your own cooking station, while others offer a demonstration by a professional chef. Culinary Tours with Asia Travel Needs is a great way to discover the ingredients, methods and flavors of the local cuisine. Whether you choose to join in a half day or full day cooking class or spend a month eating, you are sure to enjoy the tastes of Cambodian cuisine. A culinary tour is not only a good way to experience the delicious flavors of a country, it is also a way to learn more about the culture of the people. The local people are passionate about their food and it is central to any social event in Cambodia. At everything from wedding celebrations to religious ceremonies, family get-togethers to country-wide festivals, food will be an important component of the event. As you embark on your culinary trip, you will learn more about the rituals and customs of the local dining culture.